May 2, 2017

Local Art Collective #Exnovates

Just sharing a little press we received from the #Exnovation show at THEMUSEUM a few months back. Yes, I like blogging, but I'm lazy.

The first is a quote from The Community Edition:

"Iä! Iä!" screams an acrylic typewriter, its keys assaulted by the enormous tentacles of an octopus-like beast beaming from the centre of a small, square painting.

"It's based on Lovecraft," explained D.H. McKee, co-creator of the mixed-media painting, "Non-Euclidean Poetry," currently on display at THEMUSEUM. The phrase is taken from "Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn": a call used to summon an elder god.

Local Art Collective #Exnovates - The Community Edition

We also got our painting mentioned as one of the favourites at Culture Fancier, a regional arts blog.

Not too shabby, eh?

For those who missed the show, here's a full version of the painting:


April 30, 2017

BFA Spring Program Cover 2017

Look who's on the cover of the Button Factory Arts Spring program guide.

Sold another painting

Technically, it was donated to the Button Factory Arts as part of their OOTLA fundraiser, but it helped raise money for a good cause.


Red Standard (2010_15) [SOLD] - Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas, 61cm X 61cm