Postmen: Poster

As a final idea for a poster for the film-to-be, “Postmen,” I tried wrapping an old BB gun up in craft paper, and putting some prop stamps on it. Normally, I’m pretty lazy, and I work with digital collages, pulling bits and pieces from the Internet, but there was nothing really that fit the bill.
Also, googling “gun package” is likely to get me on some kind of watch list.
Here’s what I came up with:
Here’s the poster. It won “crowd favourite” at CineCoup. So, not bad.

Project: Postmen

Been working on some images for some friends and their movie, “Postmen“. They’re working their way through the CineCoup challenge in order to win a $1 million prize and distribution in theatres.

What is CineCoup?
We make the movies fans want to see, by asking you which ideas you like the best. Our model brings talented filmmakers into the public eye and challenges them to build an audience before the cameras even start rolling!
What Does CineCoup Want?
We want genre projects and we know Canada’s got the good stuff so bring it on! We’re talkin’ SCI-FI, HORROR, ACTION, THRILLER, COMEDY, or documentaries that deal with similar themes (ie. King of Kong, Indie Game: The Movie, Trekkies, etc.)
Filmmaking teams start by submitting a movie trailer. Over 12 weeks they advance through CineCoup’s social web platform and in the end we option (up to) 10 projects and greenlit one for production with (up to) $1 Million in production financing and a release in Cineplex Theatres! #BeBrave

I offered to shoot some poster ideas at them, and see if I could help with their concept. Here are some of the ones I tried:
I kind of liked the last one, with the Saul Bass nod. But something was still lacking. I decided to expand on another concept, which included a gun wrapped up like a parcel. You know the kind, with the outer wrapping so tight, that it obviously looks like a gun.

Central Art Walk brochure work

Thought I’d publish the logo design for the Central Art Walk poster and brochure. I kind of like the new look.
Here’s this year’s poster:
I’m hoping this counts towards my illustration and layout experience. Now, if I could only find a way to monetize this skill….

Playing with Synthetic Cubism 1

After playing with an online tutorial on how to use Photoshop to create Cubist images, I had an idea to try a series of digital illustrations using video game controllers as a theme.
Here’s the first, a Nintendo Wii controller. I call it “Cubism Oui”.

One Red Chair

Working on some designs for One Red Chair, a neat coffehouse in Bradford. They’ll show an artist’s work with the stipulation you give them one piece for their own use, and it needs to have a red chair in it (go figure).
Here’s some designs I’ve been tuning, all in the comic book style, made famous by that excellent app, Comic Life: