K-W Central Art Walk

Just in case you were looking for something to do this weekend, the studio is open and on display at the 9th annual K-W Central Art Walk. There’s 8 artists just at 14 Peltz this weekend. Why not head out and see what great things are developing.

Decoding Abstract

Nice to see people are still talking about abstract art. One of the problems with making and showing non-objective art is that it challenges people in ways they’re not used to being challenged. As a result, people may dismiss it outright. “My kid could paint that.” “Can you believe how much that art costs?” I hear things like this all the time.
Occasionally, someone gets it, and I can tell they get it by the way they gaze into the painting, as if they’re lost in another world. These people understand what I was trying to do.

Abstract art is an abstraction. It does not represent anything. It is nonobjective. Instead of depicting what we recognize in the world of objects, people and nature, abstract art is concerned with color, line, form, and texture. It is not reality-based but emotionally-based. It is expressive and gestural. When an artist paints or sculpts, they are driven to express what they see and feel. And because no two artists see or feel in the same way, we have a broad spectrum of presentation. Couple that with the viewer and alchemy takes place. The emotion in the art synergizes with the evoked emotion of the viewer and voilá, you love the work, hate it, or remain cold. When viewing the work, you may feel dreamy, or hyper tense, float with a buttery pattern, or grow dizzy in a geometric structure. Clean lines, drips, swathes of color, loaded canvases, arched steel, holes in stone, towering monoliths of brass or tiny boxes painted in colored grids; the range of abstraction is infinite.

Decoding Abstract | News from West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park

Art Event at THEMUSEUM

Tonight is a great fundraising event at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener. A Toast to Canadian Whisky features whisky-tasting, a book-signing, and an art show, curated by yours truly.
Over 30 works will be shown from the Burnt Island Collective, a group of wilderness artists, who work together on local projects.

Now Using Square

I’ve switched over to Square (http://squareup.com) for VISA and MasterCard processing. Impulse-buying has never been easier!

New Studio Night Piece

Did a new acrylic piece for studio night. Measures about 12″ X 24″. Inspired by a Groove Salad song. Go listen to somafm.com, and donate. They’ve got great radio and run almost entirely on donations.

Help Bring the Artists’ Resale Right to Canada

Use CARFAC’s handy form and contact your MP today:
Three auctions held in the last six days resulted in $1.4 million in sales of artworks by 29 living Canadian artists. Many of the artworks have increased in value over time but these profits are not currently shared with the artists. If Canada had an Artist’s Resale Right of 5%, the artists would have received a combined total of $70,517.
For example, a piece by Montreal artist, Claude Tousignant, Accélérateur Chromatique 90, sold at Sotheby’s last night for $110,000. If Canada had an Artist’s Resale Right of 5%, Tousignant would have received $5500.
“It’s great to see Canada’s auction houses promoting Canadian art as vigorously as they are, and having success in doing so,”
said CARFAC President , Grant McConnell. “Coupled with the fair compensation to artists that the Artist’s Resale Right would bring, that success could be more widely celebrated. All of us should have something to gain from a vibrant and growing Canadian art market.”