Taking pictures ASAP

I figured I should photograph these paintings before they go out (you know … artists and inventory, and that kind of crap), so I quickly converted my computer room into a photography studio, complete with 3200K lamps and 50% grey mat background, camera tripod, etc. I can’t say I’m particularly pleased with the photos, especially since I had them slightly skewed (hard to make a painting completely perpendicular on an executive chair). Also, the first painting was done with a heavy gloss acrylic medium, so it’s got a lot of reflective glare on it. This, despite covering the front of the lamps with white paper. The digital camera pics up a lot of glare, which is why film is preferred.
I was going to do several other paintings, but I was pressed for time, and my patience was growing thin. It’s much too crowded in here, and I was a little worried about blowing the already overloaded circuit with the extra 500W of electricity I was using.
Once the weather clears a little, I’m getting the art wall in place and moving the photo studio out of here.