Alley Jaunt– Calls for submission

ALLEYJAUNT is Toronto’s alternative, urban, community arts event. The event gives exposure to local artists, encourages public interaction with art, and reaches out to a diverse community of all ages within the Trinity Bellwoods Park neighbourhood setting.
In additional to our juried exhibitions, this year’s ALLEYJAUNT will also include two externally curated and juried sections to the event. Please clearly specify which of the three calls for submissions you are applying for.
1. The Jaunt. ALLEYJAUNT’s general call specifically seeks art exhibits, installations, and performances that respond to the environment of the garage, the alley and the local urban community. Proposals should reflect this mandate.
2. Surprise. Ephemeral artistic interventions into collective spaces can surprise and provoke, make the familiar strange and provide for a momentary critical reflection of the nature of urban experience. This is a specific call for temporary installation or performance works designed for the sites and spaces beyond the designated garages. We are seeking projects that will tie together the various exhibition garages with another layer of artistic intervention that captures the flux, chance and accident of everyday life.
3. Give! We invite submissions that investigate the dynamics of gift-giving as a concept, creative statement and mode of operation for subversion, intervention and connection. Gifts may be ephemeral or physical, an action or an object, articulated as street actions, mischievous interruptions, spontaneous interludes, or unconventional connections confronting the ways we practice shared urban space. Without being limited to the designated garage spaces, artists are encouraged to address the multiple faces of gift-giving, so that engagement is simultaneously affectionate and cynical, intimate and removed, charitable and motivated by criticality.
The 4th annual ALLEYJAUNT will be held on August 12 & 13, 2006
3 Calls for Submission
Deadline: May 1, 2006
Submission Requirements:
-Identify which call you are submitting to
-A short description of project (max. 250 words)
-Support Mateiral (Max 10 slides/jpgs on CD)
-Include SASE if you want support material returned
Please send submissions to:
17 Bank Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6K 1R4