Buying some canvases

Been looking at some different sizes of canvases for my next painting project. I was thinking something in the range of 91x91cm (3’x3′) or 91x122cm (3’x4′). These look like good sizes that would still fit into my car, if I needed to transport them. I really like the idea of using canvas. It’s so much lighter than the masonite projects. I’m a little worried about whether I can knock them around as much as the masonite projects, though.
Now I just need to consider pre-stretched, pre-gessoed canvas vs. doing it myself. The benefits are easy to see for pre-stretched:

  • everything’s pretty much done for me
  • pre-stretched
  • pre-gessoed
  • properly assembled

The benefits of doing it myself are also compelling:

  • I don’t feel like a real artist unless I do it myself
  • the canvas materials are cheaper
  • I like black gesso, not white
  • I can make whatever size I want

It boils down to one thing, really. Am I too lazy to do this myself, or do I feel like I could do this better than the art supply store would. I’m still thinking….