Michael Snow still surprises

At the age of 76, Michael Snow, Toronto’s most celebrated artist, continues to astonish us with his inventions.
He recently unveiled his newest public art piece, a changing projection located on the exterior of the Pantages Hotel on Victoria St.
Q Your new work is unlike any other public art in Toronto. What are some of the scenes passers-by will see in The Windows Suite?
A One involves the top four “windows” (really flat plasma screens), which are widely separated.
You see a room like one in this hotel, with a bed. Two policemen appear, apparently looking for something. They wave a flashlight around, forward and horizontally, and the light flashes through to the other rooms (seen through the windows). They then appear in the other rooms, moving the flashlight.
We see one segment called “Red Tape” in which a man goes from window to window and sticks red tape across the glass diagonally to make an X. Then the whole thing is played backwards so that the tape comes off.
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