Family Guy Art Show

In an industry first, Fox commissioned a series of original art as a celebration of the passion of Family Guy fans and the creative spirit embodied in the show. Twenty-one artists of the Lowbrow Pop Movement were challenged to take the show’s characters, design, and sensibility as a starting point and literally let their imaginations run wild. The result is a wholly original and eclectic series of images in a variety of media that bear the unmistakable Family Guy imprint through the prism of each artist’s entirely unique style and perspective.
Curated by Fox L&M Creative Manager Wendell Riggins, the exhibit features new works by Lowbrow Pop artists from across the country, who, in various media including oil, acrylics, and collage riff on Family Guy characters in much the same way as the animated series itself takes on pop culture icons every week. Combining elements from various subcultural influences, the Lowbrow Pop or Pop Surrealist movement dates back to the 1970s and has its roots in underground comics and the alternative gallery scene of Southern California.
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