100 Photography Tips in 100 Days

Cool site to help get you out there doing something. This is my biggest problem — getting out and photographing things.
AIRC – Adorama Imaging Resource Center: 100 in 100

Want to create a personalized photographic gift for a birthday or other special occasion? Make that special someone’s name out of photographs of letters of the alphabet!
What you need:

  • Any camera
  • Inkjet Printer or online lab such as AdoramaPix
  • Picture Frames and Mats (optional)

Wherever you go, there are posters, signs, logos and other places where you’ll find letters. Look for interesting and unusual fonts (letter styles) and combinations of colors, and take lots of close shots of each letter you see. Save your letters on your computer (create a file/subfile structure with each letter getting its own file. That way you can have several choices for each letter).

  1. Put the letters together using Adobe Photoshop or similar image-editing program to spell out a name or message.
  2. Adjust image size until letters are all of equal height (that’s a big advantage of doing this digitally instead of working with hard prints).
  3. Crop out unecessary details so the letters are easy to read together.