World’s 50 Best Works of Art

Nice list, but who can possibly rank all the greatest works of art into a top 50? Try something a little easier, like “Top 50 paintings” or “Top 50 works from the 20th Century”.
The World’s 50 Best Works of Art (and how to see them) – Telegraph

4. Terracotta Army
(c220-210 BC) near Xi’an, China
Getting there: difficult
Neither photographs, nor the British Museum exhibition can prepare you for the full army. The dead seem to have marched out of the ground, and are awaiting their next command, rank after rank, all subtly different. Some have been left as they were discovered – toppled, fragmentary, like old photographs from the trenches of 1916. This is a direct encounter with a distant, but still formidable antiquity.
Direct flight to Beijing (10 hours), then short internal flight, or rail to Xi’an