Getting Back To Work

In the dead of winter, I’m warm and cozy in my heated studio. I’ve rearranged some of the tables and the art wall, to produce a very useable space, which has different zones for different needs. Near the door, R’s motorcycle sleeps out the winter in a warm space. Next to it are the heavy punching bag, and the double-ended bag, for when I feel like a little boxing. The futon/couch is next to the dance mirror, which can be moved aside when R feels like a little dance practice. In the middle of it is the art wall, and easels, behind which is storage for blank canvases and bikes. Against the far wall is the toolbox and work table, for when something needs to be fixed.
All in all, a good space to work, and with the wifi repeater, I’ve got a strong Internet connection for streaming audio … Pandora radio, or SomaFM.
I’ve been working on a number of projects, including this new piece (sorry, it’s sold already):