More work on the loft

Finished insulating the soffits and clearing mouldy junk out of the loft. I started laying some more plywood flooring and stowing the “good” junk out of the path of construction. I’ve also reinforced some of the loft supports, as they look a little run down. Once the loft floor’s in place, I’ll be installing the insulation in the roof, and stapling in some 6 mil plastic as a vapour barrier. With any luck, I’ll be using the Roxul Flexibat bales I’m getting from a friend. He’s got some spares left over from a house renovation.
A really nice idea came to me from the good folks at Snugglers Furniture. They are using a pressboard floor in their admin area, and the pressboard’s covered with a heavy epoxy varnish, making it look really tough. I’m using DriCore panels as a subfloor right now, but if I can varnish it, I may not need to cover it with anything. Just have to check pricing and feasibility.