Neat tips on Portfolio Development

The artist résumé is different from a curriculum vitae or artist bio. The c.v. is a record of all professional activities within academic careers, and is intended for use in academic situations only. An artist bio, while containing information similar to the artist résumé, is presented in a different format than the résumé. An artist bio is most often written in the third person and in paragraph form, and it highlights the information present on your résumé.
Artist Statements
Many artists are downright intimidated by the thought of writing an artist statement. We have all read too many bad artist statements. In addition, I think artists hear a lot of different advice when it comes to writing about their work. The best statements I have read are written by the artists themselves. Statements written by those with a commercial interest tend to be more marketing pieces than informative statements—which in certain situations is appropriate. So again, know your audience.
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