The Behance Network

Very cool networking site similar to LinkedIn, but for artistic types.
Behance Network :: Creative Portfolios, Projects, and Collaborations

The Behance Network is a platform for creative portfolios, projects and collaborations.
Represent your work professionally.
Build a dynamic portfolio of your latest projects, open to all or shared selectively.
Connect and collaborate in “circles.”
Join or create groups of creative professionals, gathered around interests, to share content and ideas.
Discover job opportunities.
Behance’s GigList features great work opportunities for creative professionals. Creative industry leaders are also able to mine the network for talent.
Share tips and industry knowledge.
Behance’s Tip Exchange is a lively exchange of insights and helpful resources, all categorized and searchable.
Access resources that boost productivity.
The Behance ThinkTank features knowledge, interviews, and products for the creative professional community.