Cool hybrid installation sculptures

This is very cool, but looks strangely similar to something a friend and I were planning some years back.
mogens jacobsen – TurntablistPC
TurntablistPC is a telematic hybrid of a turntable (gramophone) and an old personal computer.
TurntablistPC is a server which third-party websites can access. A small file is hosted on the TurntablistPC. Subscribing websites place a short piece of code on their pages. This code sends information to the TurntablistPC. When somebody visits one of the subscribing websites, the TurntablistPC spins the record.
Control is remote and hidden. But output – audio – is local only (through speakers in the TurntablistPC).

River Road Gallery – Art competition

“Paint Ontario” Art Competition, Exhibition & Sale. 2006 Call for Entries for this 9th Annual Juried Show. Best in Show $2000.00, Second Place $500.00, People’s Choice & Awards of Merit.
This juried competition is for “representaional art” that celebrates the beauty of the Province of Ontario. The show is held at the Lambton Heritage Museum, South of Grand Bend and runs for three weeks. Images depicting marine themes, landscapes, architectural, figurative, historical or regional flora and fauna are encouraged for entry. For more details and an entry form, visit, email or call 519-238-6213.
Deadline for entries is Feb. 27th 2006.

City of Toronto – Call for submissions

As part of the revitalization of the City of Toronto’s waterfront, Ashbridge’s Bay Treatment Plant is undergoing a major transformation, presenting a tremendous opportunity for Toronto’s Artists.
The Culture Division is seeking to commission an Artist to work collaboratively with the selected Landscape Architect on the refurbishment of Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant, at the intersection of Lakeshore Boulevard East and Leslie Street. The budget for the art contribution to this project is $250,000.00.
The Culture Division is inviting Artists living and/or working in Toronto to submit: resume; visuals of recent, relevant work**; and Artist’s statement outlining interest in the project and experience working collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams.
**Please provide colour prints or digital images on CD listing title, date, materials and dimensions for each work. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of submission material, if desired.
Submissions must be received by February 6 2006, 5 pm.
Submissions will be reviewed by an independent selection committee convened for this project. A short list of 3-5 artists will be interviewed by the selected Landscape Architect and City staff working group. Artist interviews will take place in March 2006.
Submissions should be sent to:
Rebecca Ward
Cultural Affairs Officer – Public Art
Culture Division EDCT
9th floor, East Tower, City Hall
100 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M5H 2N2
(416) 392-4173

Henry Moore sculpture stolen

Now who would try to steal a 3 ton Henry Moore sculpture?
LONDON, England (Reuters) — British police hunted for three men on Saturday who stole a huge bronze Henry Moore sculpture worth up to 3 million pounds ($5.3 million) and a spokesman said they feared the piece would be destroyed for scrap.
Police said the 3.5 meter long (11 feet, 5.8 inches) sculpture, “A Reclining Figure,” was stolen from the Henry Moore Foundation in Hertfordshire, north of London, on Thursday night by three men who drove it away.

The definitive studio handbook

I’m reading Ted Godwin’s book, “The Studio Handbook for Working Artists”. It’s a survival manual which covers several questions the working artist might encounter — questions which aren’t covered in art school. Like me, Godwin converted his garage into a working studio, and has many helpful hints for me in my own conversion process. I’m glad I picked this book up. I’d strongly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to sell their own art.
Some of the topics he covers are: dealing with copyright issues (from a Canadian perspective as well as U.S.); making crates for shipping art; how to frame and present your art; how to deal with galleries; photographing and inventorying your works; etc. Great stuff!

Insulated storage loft

The studio loft is now entirely insulated, and so is the overhead door. It’s also just about completely covered with this foil-coated vapour barrier, and there is now so much light up there, that it looks almost livable, despite the short height of the storage space.
One of my other projects is to build a small climbing wall up the inside of the studio. I left a section of floor out of the loft, and am putting in some 3/4″ plywood, and some climbing holds. First I’m going to start moving some junk from the main floor and stow it away.
This will also give me the chance to photograph my paintings before I put them into storage.

New door and window installed

We’ve finished installing the new door and window in the studio. Once we get the main garage door replaced, the whole building should look a lot more studio-like, although what we’re going to replace it with remains to be determined. The insulation is just about finished and the foil vapour barrier should provide a little extra warmth in the winter months.
Here’s a pic of the old door frame being destroyed by me. Took the better part of an afternoon and evening to get the thing taken apart.
I’m working on a few different art projects right now, each adding a more geometric design to my loose abstract style. I’ll get some pictures up when I start getting paint to canvas.

At 44, artist was just blossoming

Pedro Alderete was putting the finishing touches on his largest and most public piece of work � a five-part mural on the outside of a million-square-foot building at Downsview Park � when he died Monday.
Working alone on a section of the mural that symbolized stewardship and included a portrait of his 5-year-old daughter, the 44-year-old artist was crushed between a hydraulic platform and the warehouse-style door he was painting. Emergency workers who rushed to the scene were unable to revive him, said park spokesman Garth Hardie. – At 44, artist was just blossoming

Studio Update

More work on the studio conversion got finished before I went to the cabin out of Longlac. I finished the loft floor, and started insulating the ceiling. Once the insulation’s finished, I can start moving things up there, to get them off the floor of the studio. That should give me some breathing room. And once I put the vapour barrier on the walls, I can put the shelving back into place. I bought some foil-backed vapour barrier, which should add to the R-value.
My door and window came in while I was away. I’m going to start installing them this week. Everything looks like it will fit properly, but I need to use concrete screws to hold them in place — the door opening is too small for any kind of framing, but the opening is just the right size for a 30″ pre-hung door.
I also got my new business account in place, so I can now take cheques made out to “Zuckerloft Studio”. Now I have no excuse but to get my art out there.